Program Details

The Great City Hall Tune-In is a landmark Regional Marketing Campaign provided by the States of California and Nevada Chapter of NATOA.

By pooling its resources with individual NATOA member Channels, SCAN/NATOA is able to develop a cost-effective and professional media campaign with a value greater than any one source could afford to provide – in essence, a "promotional co-op" that cuts through the media clutter.

Marketing materials are provided to participants in the form of hard copy prints and on computer disk for ease of personalization for local use. All participants benefit from the following promotional assistance:

  • Campaign Logo and Slogan
  • Decal Sheets
  • Campaign Fact Sheet
  • Promotional Television Spots
  • Print Advertisements/Flyers
  • Press Advisory/Press Release/Pitch Letters
  • Sample News Release
  • Sample Resolution
  • Sample Editorial
  • Participant List
  • Web Site

The financial investment in this marketing campaign is only $250 per City or Channel, with the following benefits::


General Benefits:

  • Marketing Packet on disk and in hard copy containing promotional materials to be personalized or adapted
  • License to use campaign logo and slogan on non-campaign materials (letterheads, promotional materials, folders, web sites, posters, on-air programs, envelopes, etc.)
  • Four campaign on-air television spots, produced by award-winning stations, personalized for your channel. Three promos can be used year-round and one will specifically target the Tune-In Awareness Week

Specialized Benefits:

  • Name of channel or system incorporated in list of campaign participants as "PARTICIPANT," with channel number/air dates
  • Tune-In Web Page template, included on disk, to be personalized with local information and attached to your city or channel's official Web Site
  • License to use official campaign "PARTICIPANT" language on non-campaign materials