Sample Proclamation

The Great City Hall Tune-In
April 2-6, 2001

WHEREAS, the existence of Government Access Channels and their focus on the affairs of the local community are a crucial and vital asset to citizens, allowing them to become more familiar with the process of local government decision-making and better equipped to participate in the process effectively; and

WHEREAS, through Government Access Channel programming, a greater number of residents will discover the impact local policy affairs have in their daily lives; and

WHEREAS, Government Access Channels are an important resource for monitoring and participating in the local democratic policy and lawmaking processes; and 

WHEREAS, the increasing prevalence of Government Access Channels, delivered by local Cable Television, can enable citizens to attend the (City Council, Township Board or County Board of Supervisors) meetings, without leaving the comfort of their  own homes; and 

WHEREAS, those who monitor these televised meetings can better identify issues which require their active participation as citizens and as voters, and better informed citizens can make a difference to the benefit of their communities; and 

WHEREAS, in many communities, citizens are not aware that these government meetings, as well as other important, informative programming, are frequently televised through their local Cable System; and

WHEREAS, communities will benefit from increased general awareness of and viewing audiences for Government Access Channels; and 

WHEREAS, most Government Access Channels lack the budget and staff time for adequate promotion and marketing and are unable to compete for local media attention; and

WHEREAS, if more citizens were aware of the ready availability of these meetings for viewing on local Cable Television, and of the potential impact these meetings have on their daily lives, more of them might "tune-in" to watch and might do so more frequently;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the week of April 2-6, 2001 is hereby proclaimed as The Great City Hall Tune-In within the (City, Township or County) of (your City, Township or County name), and all citizens are hereby called upon to promote awareness of televised (City Council, Township Board or County Board of Supervisors) meetings on (your Channel name) and "tune-in" to these meetings throughout the week and throughout the year.  

(City, Township or County Official’s signature)

(Instructions: Copy and paste this Proclamation into a new document. Insert your Channel’s name and location in the spaces provided. Alter margins as needed and place on your Channel’s letterhead. You may need to repaginate the document or change the type size. Try to use The Great City Hall Tune-In camera-ready or computerized logo art where possible.)