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The Great City Hall Tune In

October 17-23, 1999


The Great City Hall Tune-In is a landmark Regional Marketing Campaign created by SCAN/NATOA to provide the tools for local governments to realize their potential in the community by letting people know they are there.

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SCAN/NATOA invites local governments to join in the celebration of the second annual Great City Hall Tune-In and Great County Center Tune-In, a special Awareness Week launching October 17-23, 1999, promoting the importance of watching City Council and County Board of Supervisors in action on local Government Access Television.

The Tune-In is designed to draw attention to the availability of televised coverage of local governmental meetings and hearings -- and their importance to the daily lives of individual residents and viewers -- with the goal of increasing viewership for these meetings and other Government Access programming.

The purpose of The Great City Hall Tune-In is to take Government Access Channels beyond their current awareness level in their respective communities, elevating them to a status more like that of local independent broadcast stations with a highly unique community focus -- sort of a community C-SPAN.

The challenge, however, is to achieve these goals given the financial constraints of Government Access Channels. Few Government programmers have access to the staff time and resources to actively promote their Channels.

The Great City Hall Tune-In attempts to provide the vehicle for reaching that audience. The Awareness Week is designed to cost-effectively promote the watching of local City Council and County Board of Supervisors meetings on Government Access.

Participating Channels will be able to utilize an Idea Sampler booklet and the ideas and materials contained in it to help promote the Week and "tuning-in" to upcoming public meetings. The Idea Sampler contains a number of activities that you and your staff can carry out in your local community. Where appropriate, it contains sample materials that can be personalized and used on your letterhead to implement a Community Awareness/Media Relations Promotional Campaign.

The Great City Hall Tune-In can provide the awareness Government Access Channels need to draw an audience. But to benefit, you have to participate.

Details on the financial investment and the many tangible benefits of participating in this marketing campaign are outlined in the Program Details section.

To request more information on how your Government Access Channel can participate in SCAN/NATOA’s Great City Hall Tune-In, please click on the following address:

Robin Gee
City of Santa Monica

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