August 2007
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Welcome to the Comet Network list serve! This forum is designed for government access programmers to share information and exchange ideas. If you want to check out what equipment other operations are using, if others are experiencing the same technical problems you are having or just looking for some problem solving inspiration, this is the place! 

By creating a list serve for government programmers, we hope to encourage dialogue amongst us kindred spirits. This is not the place to debate the 9th Circuit Courtís decisions!

To provide us with additional useful information, we have invited a few video equipment dealers to join our list serve as well. They will provide us with pricing information, if requested, and advice as to what others are purchasing and trends they may see happening in our field and in the broadcast world as well. 

Also, we will be sharing the latest Comet Network news and updates as they happen on this list serve. 

Feel free to also share your successes and projects that have worked. And, donít forget to share pictures too!  To send an email to the Comet listserve, send to   To unsubscribe from the list at anytime, send an email to and write ďunsubscribeĒ in the subject line. 

We look forward to your involvement and participation. Together, we can all help each other do our jobs better!


Michael D. Smith and Robin Gee
Comet Coordinators

Eligibility and Subscription
The Comet Network is open to all programmers, and those with a shared interest in government access programming

The listserve should be used for programming information only. This forum exists for members to freely and readily explore ideas and gather helpful information. Sales pitches and junk mail are prohibited and use of the listserve for these purposes will result in exclusion from the listserve.

COMETís Listserve User Agreement
By subscribing to the COMET listserve, the user accepts the following conditions:

1. Persons posting messages to the listserve are solely responsible for the content of their messages.

2. The user agrees not to distribute any content through the listserve that is abusive, libelous, copyrighted, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwise in violation of any law.

3. The user agrees not to use the listserve for commercial purposes, i.e., solicitations or the like.

4. The list owner (SCAN NATOA, INC.) does not and cannot review every message posted to the list and is not responsible for the content of any message. The list owner (SCAN NATOA, INC.) does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information posted to the list.

Posting to COMETís Listserve
1. Please keep topics for discussion related to issues that concern NATOA and SCAN NATOA, INC. and its members. Remember that all subscribers receive messages and replies. Please use private email when your messages are directed to a particular person.

2. When responding to a posting, please try to avoid including the original senderís message. Most email software will automatically include the message unless you indicate otherwise. By eliminating the original message when possible, the message is cleaner and easier to read.

These guidelines are subject to change depending on the requirements and needs of the listserve subscribers.

Note :Please use plain text in your email programs when possible. It really makes it easier on all users.

Click Here to send an email to Sign Up for the List Serve - include your name, organization and email address.